Made Tough In Minnesota For the Battle Against Buckthorn, Broom, Privet and other Invasives, Everywhere.

Our Patented, Superior Tool for Removing Unwanted Weedy Trees and Shrubs, down to the Root ball.

The Root Talon could soon be your best friend in yard and landscape projects. We manufacture the Root Talon for the fast removal of non-native invasive weeds, shrubs and small trees. Buckthorn, Scotch Broom, French Broom and Privet are no match for the dual gripping jaws and pulling leverage of the Root Talon.

Our weed removal tool is made in the USA, it comes with a two year guarantee, and it's the lowest-cost option in its functional category. Larger capacity tools come at a huge price and create root balls best moved by landscape machinery.

The Root Talon is designed to be manageable in the field and a value for its productivity.

About Us

The Root Talon can be purchased from the Pence Group LLC, who brought the Root Talon to market in 1997. Reach out to us in Long Lake, MN, to place your order. Our website can educate you on the removal of buckthorn and other plant species, and why the Root Talon is the perfect weed removal tool. It's used by professional landscapers, conservation groups, and homeowners who want an eco-friendly method to remove tough weeds. The Root Talon is ideal for removing invasive weeds, shrubs, and small trees without chemicals or hand pulling. 

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