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"The root talon will get ahold of a buckthorn root and pull it out. Again, remember that you need to get buckthorn out by the roots!"
— Jim Westlund, Knecht's Nurseries & Landscaping, Northfield, MN

"The Root Talon is an inexpensive, lightweight alternative to the Weed Wrench. It is a tool shaped like a pick-axe, but with a specialized fork and gripping flange that will let you grab onto plant stems and pull them out of the ground. The handle of the Root Talon is made of fiberglass, and seems durable.

I have used the Root Talon several times, and it is a good tool. It is very effective against shallow rooted plants like various annual mustards, or other herbs which have sturdy but flexible stems. It is also works well against sapling trees and shrubs. Its designer created it with buckthorn (Rhamnus) in mind. Buckthorn is often shallow rooted, so the Root Talon may be ideal for this purpose."
— The Global Invasive Species Team

the nature conservancy
Root Talon - TNC Global Invasive Species Team page

"I was looking for a tool to pull medium-sized Buckthorn (chest high) where hand pulling was impossible. The area around my 80 acre woods was full of Buckthorn and the Root Talon is definitely a heavy-duty tool, but not too hard to carry into the woods. The tool provides great leverage and has been bullet-proof. The handle even has a lifetime guarantee. The Root Talon does a GREAT job WITHOUT chemicals!!!"
Thomas L. Madison WI

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