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The Root Talon is the toughest hand tool on the market in the battle against buckthorn and other invasives such as scotch broom, french broom and privet. It provides an effective way to remove any unwanted weed trees with shallow root systems. Put an end to the backache of impossible hand-pulling projects.

Invasives up to an inch in diameter are no match for the powerful, dual-action leverage of the Root Talon. Pry out the entire plant from the prickly stem to the massed root system once and for all. The key is our patented head design which traps the buckthorn stem in two no-slip jaws. Our professional-grade fiberglass handle offers excellent leverage and has a lifetime warranty.

Root Talon Demonstration
Removing Invasive Plants

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Remove Unwanted Invasive Plants Quickly

The Root Talon combines root pulling leverage and two no slip jaws to remove invasive Buckthorn, Privet, French Broom or Scotch broom in under a minute.

Root Talon Operation Video

Root Talon Demo

Remove Buckthorn Demo

For Homeowners & Professionals

Root Talon tools are in use by homeowners, landscape professionals, and conservation departments throughout the USA. Our specialized tool delivers an eco-friendly way to remove non-native plants, invasive plants, and small trees with a trunk up to one inch in diameter.

Easy & Eco-Friendly

Purchase the Root Talon to enjoy an easy-to-use tool that provides overpowering leverage to speed up the removal process for shallow-rooted weeds and plants. It also lets you eliminate back-breaking handwork and the use of chemical herbicides.

Features & Specifications

  • The strong and sturdy construction helps you remove shallow-rooted plants quickly and easily.
  • You can remove each plant with its roots by using a simple hook and lever motion. Powerful leverage is generated by the long, lifetime-guaranteed handle.
  • The powerful two-prong end works with the hook for levering out plants. The Root Talon can also be used as a garden pick to loosen up roots and packed soil.
  • The broad hoe-faced end is perfect for chopping at roots and levering them out.
  • No herbicides and no poisons are needed with the Root Talon.
  • The specially designed talon hook grasps plants one inch in diameter and six feet tall. The two-prong fork and long fiberglass handle lever them out with their roots.
Root Talon and Gloves
Using Root Talon to remove Buckthorn
Root Talon Hook